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Pre-purchase inspections: We perform detailed inspections for the potential buyers of pre-owned BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, and Sprinter for safety and peace of mind. If you are in the Oak Harbor, Anacortes, or even beyond please contact us before buying the wrong car. 

Warranty service: Kaiser's Garage can perform the necessary maintenance to help maintain your new car warranty. You are not required to travel to the dealer for this type of service. We use only factory approved service products. Please contact us for details. If you have a new car warranty and need warranty repairs you must return to the dealership for these repairs. Remember repairs and service are different items. No manufacturer we are aware of allows warranty REPAIRS outside of their dealer network. 

Electrical: Electrical problems of all types are welcome here at Kaiser's. Complex electrical diagnosis and repair is a large part of what we do everyday. 

Brakes: Why trust your safety and the safety of others to the cheap imitation brake parts sold by other repair shops? Responsibility is a shorter stopping distance. All of the advertising in the world from the mass market chains won't make their imitation brake parts any better. Here at Kaiser's our quality stands on it's own without infantile "free meat" or other foolish giveaways.

Tools and Equipment: Kaiser's Garage uses the latest diagnostic equipment for your modern computer controlled vehicle. We also have the skills and tools to repair your legacy German automobile. Our extensive print and electronic library of service information covers from about 1950 to the present and is updated regularly.

Tool room: We are proud of our capability to fabricate special tools and parts in our tool room. Occasionally the price of a special tool set is so great, or located very far away, that fabricating our own can save our customer time and money. Some legacy parts are no longer available which leaves fabrication an attractive alternative.

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